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Our bursar at Wits University

Africa Day 2017 and Reading Literacy in Attridgeville
May 20, 2017

17 Jan 2017

Our bursar at Wits University

12 hours      Beaming of hope for rural learners

They say dreams come true, but when everything dreamed becomes true, it it gets hard to believe. When Balang Foundation (BF) started 7 years ago, the vision was to enable vulnerable children all over South Africa and its neighbouring countries through confidence building programmes, school clothing and reading literacy support. We based our decisions on hunches and philosophies and little did we know how quick the Foundation would have grown with such a cheetah speed! We are pleased to report that one of our bursars is a full time student at South Africa’s premier university, University of the Witwatersrand. Mojalefa Ramogale took the BF mandate seriously and found himself passing grade 12 with distinctions that opened doors for admission at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. “I am so proud of Balang for its continuous support till I reached this milestone”, he says after receiving a cheque to a attend winter school programme based at the University of Limpopo last July. Coming from humble beginnings and attending a remote rural school, Ngwanaseala Secondary School in Sekgweng in Polokwane, he has amassed so much wisdom that will see him winning over circumstances.

Mojalefa lives with both his parents and two siblings in grades 10 and 7. They are the sources of his inspiration. His school subjects: Physics, Mathematics, Life orientation, Life science, Agriculture, English and Sepedi kept him busy as he geared himself to scoop distinctions. Despite the limitations that his school did not have a Physics teacher, he understood taking up responsibility for his own learning by working hard and creating study groups with his siblings. He recalls how he joined Balang, “I was introduced to Balang Foundation by my teacher Mam Tshwane in 2011 and that is how I was fortunate to be selected by the Foundation for five years.” BF has helped him transform his life by providing uniform sets every year, motivating him to strive for more in life and encouraging and supporting him with reading skills. In particular, he learned the principle of reference group; that is, one’s decisions in life is influenced by about 95% of the people one keeps around oneself. He has learned to be himself and not let peer pressure change him. What keeps this promising young man focused in life is his ardent love for books, which sees him reading at least two novels at any given time. He confided in us how he is thrilled about the being at Wits University and his desire to pass his first year courses this year so he can meet new life opportunities. “I cannot wait for this to happen in my life”, he charges confidently. Balang Foundation is grateful for the support it receives from donors and friends. We wish him the best and keep thumbs pressed for excellent results at the end of the year.

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